Samuel Taylor Limited (STL) to exhibit at the Southern Manufacturing Show 2013

by | Dec 11, 2012 | Articles | 0 comments

Samuel Taylor Limited (STL), metallic materials specialist, is to exhibit at the Southern Manufacturing Show with a view to increasing its market share within the UK.
Midlands based Samuel Taylor Limited (STL) specialises in engineering problem solving in the field of contact materials and innovative production engineering solutions something which has allowed them to build a global client base.
Successfully competing in export markets, STL believes its core, Design to Manufacture Concept, should find greater synergies within the expanding UK manufacturing sector. This was a major reason the company identified Southern Manufacturing as a showcase for its marketing effort in UK.
Recently, the company identified that a greater use of bonded metallic composites and aggressive cost saving techniques that can achieve significant cost savings methods for British manufacturers and engineers. STL identified that firms need to assess qualities they are likely to need in contact and other metal assemblies, as by doing so, both money and time could be saved when speaking to suppliers.
The company will also be looking to showcase why it has invested £160,000 on two new AgieCharmilles EDM machines and an additional £30,000 on LogoPress software & training. The investment seamlessly integrates with STL’s existing SolidWorks 3D platform and heavily strengthens STL’s design to manufacture concepts for increased efficiency and lower total cost.
Managing Director of Samuel Taylor, Alastair Gordon, said “Out of the box thinking is usually the way to find the optimal solution, and the weird and wonderful is what we’re good at, and it’s all made in the Midlands.”
2012 was a positive year for Samuel Taylor. The Southern Manufacturing Show allows the firm to showcase the advances it has made within the industry during 2012.
Earlier last year, the firm combined its engineering expertise and innovative skills to enable Redditch-based metal contacts and contact materials specialist Samuel Taylor Limited win an export order to the USA, worth approximately £8 million per annum. The company specially developed a metallic component which will be used in thousands of energy saving smart meters for an American manufacturer. The significant order resulted in the company’s turnover increasing to more than £25 million.
Mr Gordon added that Samuel Taylor is drawn towards the Southern Manufacturing Show because it unites passionate industry professionals under one roof who are able to share their industry knowledge.