£500k investment set to increase capacity for precision metal pressing specialists

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Articles | 0 comments

Samuel Taylor Limited (STL), the Redditch based metal contacts and precision metal pressings specialist, has announced investments totalling over £500,000 in new machinery and factory space.

The investments are part of a focused effort to increase capacity and efficiency and include the purchase and commission of a Forming Machine, an 80-ton Press and an Image Dimension Measuring System. To provide more flexibility in the housing of production machinery and as part of a factory modernisation project, the company has also taken on an additional 500 square metres of factory space.

STL Sales Manager Carl Siviter comments: “The business has a track record of making investments to ensure that we remain globally competitive. This mindset led us to invest in the purchase and commissioning of a new Forming Machine, complete with tapping, feeder and automatic controls. We also purchased an additional 80-ton Chin Fong Press, with the benefit that it could also be used for development work and if needed, further short term production capacity. We operate in a global marketplace with a diverse customer base, and this level of investment will provide both extra manufacturing capacity and flexibility, as some new projects move forward into mass production”.

Recently, STL became one of the first manufacturers in the UK to achieve the ISO 45001 certification, demonstrating the company’s ongoing commitment to maintaining a world class, safe working environment. In addition to safety, STL’s focus on developing a world class working environment extends to improving quality and operational efficiency.

Carl Siviter adds: “The additional production capacity needs better and faster QA tools to maximise the investment payback, hence why we have moved to invest in our first Keyence Image Dimension Measuring System. We can now perform high-precision measurements, automatically record data, and generate reports with the push of a button. This improves our quality assurance, enormously enhances our in-house inspection capabilities and efficiency, as QA inspection times have been dramatically reduced”.

Strategically the investments also ensure that STL are well positioned for further diversification into new markets, such as automotive, electric vehicles, battery development and hydrogen trains.

STL is one of UK’s leading suppliers for rail, aerospace, marine, defence and automobile sectors working with customers in Europe, China, the Far East, Middle East, South Asia and North America. STL manufactures custom-made electrical contacts using the latest technologies in bi-metal bonding, precision stamping and assembling supported by in-house design and tool making teams.