Electrical Industry – Metal Contacts

  • STL are specialists in the manufacture of precious metal contacts for switching devices of all sorts from the super-safety-critical to the more price sensitive applications.
  • We can advise on the optimum type and quantity of precious metal to be used for your application whilst minimising cost of production and associated stampings.
  • Our precision engineering expertise, in-house capacity and know-how, allow production runs of many millions of parts without intervention.
  • STL works to a zero-defect philosophy by process engineering ZD quality into the production process from the start, using self-learning sensors through to pixel counting cameras to ensure consistent and reliable parts each and every time.

Electrical Industry – Metal Contacts

STL has vast experience manufacturing precious metal contacts for everything that switches electrical current – whether for convenience or safety. From domestic relays, smart meters, thermostat devices and light switches to industrial switches such as circuit breakers & contactors.

As specialists in electrical contact production, STL can advise on the available alloy and quantity of metal to be used within the component; ensuring that it is optimised for the specific application and load that it is to be subjected to, whilst minimising cost to you.

STL knowledge can also be applied to the choice of materials available for the contact blade as well as the contact point, often one choice will influence the other and advantages gained with the price performance ratio when adding in the production technique appropriate for the application.

Our priority is to help you to achieve the most optimised manufacture of precious metal contacts to suit your application and we welcome conversations with you at the earliest stage. Please enter your details below: