Fuse Elements

  • STL are one of the few specialists in the manufacture of Fuse Element materials.
  • Fine Silver and Copper bimetal SilCu is available in reels or stamped parts.
  • Fine Silver Fuse Elements rolled & sheared at STL can also be traverse wound.
  • Continuous SPC width & thickness control to micron sizes all produced by STL.

Fuse Elements

STL has decades of experience manufacturing Fuse Elements and pioneered SilCu – bonded Silver and Copper – with a Danish customer back in the 1990s. The fuse will stay for years, carrying its rated current but instantaneously burst saving vital equipment or lives when needed.

High Speed Fuse Elements are typically made of bonded Silver and Copper. Silver is used for its excellent conductivity and because it does not oxidise and deteriorate with age. This ensures that its’ resistance is remarkedly consistent, but minimised to the key area only to save cost with Copper being the lower cost bulk carrier.

STL cold bonding ensures no discernible joint or alloying and thus, perfect consistency. This detail of the Fuse Element makes the STL product extremely reliable in service.

STL Fuse Element SilCu material can control the positioning, quality and reliability of the Silver to close tolerances to ensure no expensive wastage. SilCu is rolled to 75 microns routinely and continuously monitored using Vollmer gauges and SPC outputs to ensure the best quality possible.

With long experience of precious metals STL is well placed to advise and help with the end to end process of Fuse making, controlling scraps and stocks to allow zero lead time options. STL’s dual positioning as precision engineering and precious metal contact specialists also allows us to provide Fuse Elements as pre-stamped parts minimising customers on-site wastage and costs including the no longer needed plastic reels.

Our priority is to help you to achieve the most optimised manufacture of Fuse Elements to suit your application and we welcome conversations with you at the earliest stage. Please enter your details below: